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World Divert - UK phone numbers

Planet Numbers international divert service allows you to advertise for business in the UK and run your operations from anywhere. This service is ideal for call centers or businesses that require a UK presence but do not want the expense of British offices and staff.

No extra lines to rent or equipment to buy

Rest assured that when you buy a Planet Numbers phone number, there is absolutely no requirement for extra phone lines or any additional equipment whatsoever. We simply divert the incoming calls to an existing number of your choice. Your phone will continue to receive calls on its original number as usual, as well as the incoming 0844/0843, 0845 or 0800 calls from the UK, and can be used to make outgoing calls as normal.

Your customers pay the usual price

When they call a Planet Numbers 0845 number, your customers pay just 2p per minute during daytimes, 0844 and 0843 numbers cost your customers 5p per minute at all times, and of course, calls to 0800 numbers are free to your callers all all times.

You pay the price per minute as shown below, plus an international divert fee of £10 a month, together with the usual costs associated with your chosen number.

Prices in Pence per Minute (excluding VAT, and at all times)

Country (popular destinations) 0800 / 03 0845 0844/0843
Hong Kong6p4p0p
New Zealand5p2p0p
South Africa8p5p2p

Prices correct as at 05 April 2014

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