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02392 Numbers

Our 'virtual' 02392 area code numbers enable your business to appear as a Portsmouth based company, regardless of your actual location.

How local area numbers work

When your customer dials your 02392 number his call is automatically (and instantly) redirected to whichever phone number you have given us. You can change this "destination" number as often as you want, for free. So even if you move office or you simply want the calls redirected to another phone for a short period, your 02392 number stays the same.

No extra lines to rent or equipment to buy

Rest assured that when you buy a Planet Numbers 02392 Portsmouth number, there is absolutely no requirement for extra phone lines or any equipment whatsoever. We simply divert the incoming calls to an existing number of your choice. Your phone will continue to receive calls on its original number as usual as well as the incoming 02392 calls, and can be used to make outgoing calls as normal.

Pricing: There is one off connection fee of £49 connection, for our bronze numbers, plus a monthly service charge of £10. Incoming calls are charged to you at 3.5p per minute at all times - there are no hidden extra fees (e.g. no cost to change the destination number that the local area number connects to). Callers pay the normal cost of calling a Portsmouth number.

Add extra functionality to your 02392 number

Add our Virtual Office service to your 02392 number and provide your customers a better experience. Virtual Receptionist gives them a list of options to key eg to be put through to a a specific department, Divert Plan automatically redirects their calls to a secondary number if the main destination is busy or is not answered, and Time/Day Plan diverts incoming calls to a different number at specific times eg in the evening and at weekends.

Additional virtual office services include Zone Plan (to manage incoming calls by their town or postcode of origin), Call Queuing, Call Recording, and Voicemail.

Fax to Email

Why not set up an additional 02392 number to receive your faxes on... your faxes are sent to you in PDF format via email - No more wasted ink and paper and no new equipment needed. Click here for full details of our fax service.

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