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0845 numbers

If they have 0845 numbers included in their phone supplier's package, it costs your customers nothing to call you. If not, as a BT customer, they'll pay just 2p per minute during the day (6am to 6pm), and half a pence per at all other times.

Planet Numbers 0845 numbers are the most competitively priced in the UK. Our 0845 numbers start from ┬úZERO connection and then a low monthly service charge from £15.

All your incoming calls are free. Other 0845 providers charge you for every call you get, 4p a minute for BT 0845 customers!

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0843 and 0844 numbers

Our 0843 and 0844 numbers operate identically to 0845 numbers. Your customers pay a maximum of 5p a minute to call, all day every day from anywhere in the UK. There are no incoming call charges for you to pay - even when you route calls to a mobile! There's a small one-off connection fee (from £49 plus VAT) and no service or rental charges when calls are connected to a UK landline. What's more, you earn a revenue on your incoming calls!

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0800 and 0808 numbers

Buy your 0800 or 0808 from Planet Numbers and you get your first 1,500 minutes of incoming calls FREE each month.

0800 and 0808 numbers are free for callers to dial from anywhere in the UK and research has shown they can boost your sales by up to 300%. That's because more than 80% of customers will use an 0800 freephone number in preference to paying for a call.

Planet Numbers 0800 and 0808 numbers cost from just £0 when you buy online. Your first 1,500 minutes of incoming calls are free and then only 3p a minute.

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0333 and 0330 numbers

Planet's 0333 and 0330 numbers are cheaper for you to receive than our freephone numbers: From less that 1p a minute. 03s are also bundled in with your customers' inclusive monthly calls tariffs on home phones and mobiles so they're usually free to call.

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Cheap international calls

Planet Numbers Cheap International Calls service works from any UK landline or mobile phone. All you do is dial our access number before you dial your overseas number, and you can make international calls from only 0.5p a minute!

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It's a fact of business: the easier your business phone number is to remember, the more likely customers are to call you. Planet Numbers are the UK specialists, providing memorable 0333 numbers, 0845 numbers and 0800 freephone numbers - with over a million business numbers to choose from.

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